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Shocking News: The New Bond?


Yes, it’s really shocking. A rising star from Java, a funny comedian, and also TV host in one person will make everyone surprised. This is leaked from “The Insider” in Hollywood. You are the first to know. This man will appear in a new James Bond movie. His name is Tukul Arwana, a former “cover boy” in many Indonesian magazines. Tukul (pronounced too-cool) will replace Daniel Craig as 007 in the newest 007 movie, under the working title: Casino Royale 2. The movie will be set in many exotic places, such as Semarang (Central Java), London, Bali, Baghdad, Hawaii, and Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa).
Tukul is well-known as a Wong ndeso (the Javanese word for country bumpkin) from Java, but he’s always optimistic, positive thinking, full with initiative, energic and he makes other people happy and always gives great motivation in his show. That’s why a lot of girls admire him as an idol and motivator. Tukul is an example for someone who transformed “from nobody to somebody” or “from zero to hero”.
Luna Maya
According to another “insider” in Pinewood Studio (England), the Bond girls in this upcoming movie are: Luna Maya (a rising star from Indonesia), Jessica Alba, and Gong Li. Believe it or not, Rowan Atkinson will be acting as Mr. Been Laden, the number one gangster from Middle East.
You will be amazed with this latest James Bond movie. Be patient, you can see it in theaters, November 2008. Are you ready?

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