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Visit Athens in your holidays

picgif.jpgAthens is the capital city of Greece. By the 7th century BC social unrest had become widespread, and the Areopagus appointed Draco to draft a strict new lawcode (hence “draconian”). When this failed, they appointed Solon, with a mandate to create a new constitution (594). This was the great beginning of a new social revolution which had as result the estabilishment of the democracy under Clisthenes (508 BC). The Golden Age of the Athenian history came after the Greco-Persian wars where Greeks won. The destruction of major buildings of the city by the Persians and especially of the buildings of the Acropolis was the reason of the construction of the famous buildings which exist till now including the Parthenon and others. acropolis-athens.jpegThe Athenian Acropolis is the ancient “high city” of Athens, a prominent plateaued rock perched high above the modern city with commanding views and an amazing array of ancient architecture, mostly from the Classical period of Ancient Greece, the most famous of which is the Parthenon. Raise your eyes nearly anywhere in Athens and you’re likely to be stopped in your tracks by the sight of the Acropolis, where Pericles rose to the heights of power and creative achievement, with the construction of the Parthenon and Propylaea. Although the Swiss Alps are still numero uno for European skiiers, Greece’s slopes are giving Switzerland a run for the money. The snow may be wetter than one would like, and snowmaking is limited, but the December to April ski season in Greece offers ski enthusiasts the enviable attractions of stellar views, endless sun, and excellent après ski options. Here is the tour that should be prepared when you visit Athens.

Days 1-2: Athens
Begin at the beginning—the Acropolis plateau—where you can explore the greatest temple of Periclean Greece, the Parthenon, while drinking in heart-stopping views over the modern metropolis. After touring the ancient Agora, the Monument of Lysikrates, and the Odeon of Herod Atticus, finish up at the National Archaeological Museum (check opening hours).

Day 3: Sounion
Sun and sand, art, and antiquity lie southeast of Athens in Sounion. Here, the spectacular Temple of Poseidon sits atop a cliff 195 feet over the Saronic Gulf. Pay your respects to the god of the sea at the beach directly below or enjoy the coves of the Apollo Coast as you head back west to the seaside resort of Vouliagmeni for an overnight.

Day 4: Eleusis & Corinth
Heading west of Athens, make a stop at Eleusis, home of the Sanctuary of Demeter and the haunted grotto of Hades, god of the Underworld. Past the Isthmus of Corinth—gateway to the Peloponnese—Ancient Corinth and its sublime Temple of Apollo beckon . Head south to the coast and Nafplion; en route, stop at a roadside stand for some tasty Nemean wine.

Days 5-6: Nafplion, Tiryns, Mycenae, Epidauros
Set up base in Nafplion , a stage set of Venetian fortresses, Greek churches, and neoclassical mansions. Next, explore the mysteries of forgotten civilizations in nearby Tiryns, Mycenae, and Epidauros. North is Tiryns, where Bronze Age ramparts bear witness to Homer’s “well-girt city.”
Farther north is Agamemnon’s blood-soaked realm, the royal citadel of Mycenae, destroyed in 468 BC. Then take a day trip east to the famous ancient Theater at Epidauros, where a summer drama festival still presents the great tragedies of Euripides.

Days 7-8: Olympic & Bassae
After your third overnight in Nafplion, head west via Argos (with helpful train connections) or Tripoli (by car on the E65) to Olympia—holiest site of the ancient Greek religion, home to the Sanctuary of Zeus, and birthplace of the Olympics. Walk through the olive groves of the sacred precinct; then get acquainted with Praxiteles’ Hermes in the museum. Overnight here and then make a trip south to the remote Temple of Apollo at Bassae.

Day 9: Delphi
Head north through verdant forests of the Elis region to Patras or nearby Rion for the ferry or bridge across the Corinthian Gulf; travel east along the coast and overnight in chic Galaxidi, with its elegant stone seafarers’ mansions. The final day, set off to discover Delphi, whose noble dust and ancient ruins are theatrically set amid cliffs (photo, top). Despite the tour buses, it is still possible to imagine the power of the most famous oracle of antiquity. From here, head back to Athens.

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