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How Blackberry Are You?

Blackberry, kind of very popular cellular phone in Indonesia (or you can named as handheld device), planted an ARM7 or ARM9 processor (older Blackberry 950 and 957 used Intel 80386 processors). For the latest GSM Blackberry models (8100, 8300 and 8700 series) have an Intel PXA901 312 MHz processor, 64 MB flash memory and 16 MB SDRAM; for CDMA Blackberry smartphones (based on Qualcomm MSM6x00 chipsets) include the ARM 9-based processor. I’ve found web site that offering blackberry case, you can get large of choice for cases, like leather case (leather pocket) to protect your handheld from scratch. If you need for bluetooth Headset, you can find kind of ultra-light and comfortable Bluetooth headset from BlackBerry & Plantronics. For you in traveling days, you may need GPS to make sure your position; you can search for bluetooth gps receiver from RoyalTek for about ₤19.95 – strong signal easy connectivity, which can found satellites quickly and effectively.

The GPS receiver provides satellite navigation on your mobile phone to find restaurants, bars, theaters and much more wherever you are that can literally be used with 100’s of different applications including Nokia maps, Google maps and MobileLocate etc.

The benefits of Bluetooth GPS receiver are:

  • Sat Nav – This software gives you turn by turn real-time instructions of how to get from A to B.
  • Tracking – These applications allow you to track where you or someone else have gone. Great for fitness programmes, cycling, hiking & orienteering and security tracking.
  • Mapping – These applications allow you to get written directions to go from A to B. Just put in where you are and where you want to go go to and you will get written instructions on your mobile or other portable device that you can follow.
  • Location Awareness – These applications open up new and popular opportunities. Find your nearest petrol station, restaurant, or supermarket. If you are into social media there are even apps to find where your friends are! And imagine if you had found a top secret spot whilst fishing at sea – mark it and you’ll never lose your spot again.
  • Geo Tagging – Probably more specific to people who take photos but you can now tag your photos with the exact geo-position of where they were taken

The devices are very popular with some businesses, primarily used to provide e-mail access to roaming employees. So, if you need fully integrate the Blackberry into a company’s systems, the installation of BES (acronym for Blackberry Enterprise Server) is required. BES can act as a sort of e-mail relay for corporate accounts so that users always have access to their e-mail. The software monitors the user’s local “inbox”, and when a new message comes in, it picks up the message and passes it to RIM’s Network Operations Center (NOC). This is called “push e-mail,” because all new e-mails, contacts and calendar entries are “pushed” out to the Blackberry device automatically, as opposed to the user synchronizing the data by hand or on a polling basis. The messages are then relayed to the user’s Blackberry device


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